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Small Details Only Hardcore Fans Noticed In Marvel's Midnight Suns
“Marvel’s Midnight Suns” has carried over the pop-culture references that have now become mainstays of Marvel’s brand. When Lilith makes her dramatic and terrifying entrance into Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Iron Man is quick to cut through the tension by calling her “Gozer,” noting her visual similarities to the Ghostbusters' nemesis.
Josh Keaton
Tony Stark is voiced by Josh Keaton, an actor with an extensive history with the Marvel Universe, including roles as Iron Man in “Marvel’s Iron Man VR,” Ant-Man in “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order,” and Steve Rogers in Disney’s “What If…?” His most well-known Marvel-related role is as everyone's favorite wallcrawler in “The Spectacular Spider-Man.”
Nico Returns!
Lyrica Okano played Nico Minoru in “Runaways,” Hulu’s TV series based on the comic book series of the same name. The show offered a fun look at one of Marvel's more obscure super teams, and Okano's performance as Nico was beloved by fans — she did so well, in fact, that Firaxis had her come back to voice the character in “Marvel’s Midnight Suns.”
Nico’s Comic Books
If players swing by Nico Minoru's room in the Abbey on a day when it's open, they'll find out that she's a comic book fan. Nico has three different comic book covers hung up on the wall beside her bed: “Fantastic Four” #72, “Marvel Presents” #3, and the first issue of the ‘90s run of “Morbius,” which was part of Marvel's “Rise of the Midnight Suns” crossover event.
Built With Scraps
One of the most memorable lines from the first “Iron Man” movie is “Tony Stark built this in a cave! With a box of scraps!” which is uttered by Jeff Bridges as the villain Obadiah Stane. In “Midnight Suns,” Tony Stark can be outfitted with a green tank top reminiscent of the shirt he wore while building his first suit in 2008's “Iron Man,” and the outfit is even called “Scraps.”