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Small Details Only Hardcore Modern Warfare 2 Fans Noticed
Teddy Bear
Hardcore "Call of Duty" fans are familiar with the series' tradition of teddy bear Easter eggs. The new "Modern Warfare 2" teddy bear was first found by Reddit user lundun91, sitting on top of a shelf in a child's bedroom during the Alone mission. The bear has a star over its heart, and it’s the same star that was present on the first bear in 2004’s "Finest Hour."
Easter eggs are sprinkled throughout the game’s maps, and fans found an RV on the Santa Sena Border Crossing map that looks exactly like the one from the popular AMC television series "Breaking Bad.” In the TV series, the RV is shot five times and the bullet holes are covered with duct tape, just like the holes on the game’s vehicle.
"Call of Duty: Vanguard" replaced the fictional eastern European city of Verdansk with the pacific island Caldera. However, during the Tradecraft mission in "Modern Warfare 2," players can find a bike shop in Amsterdam that sells jerseys for a Verdansk soccer team — likely the very same team that played in Verdansk's iconic stadium.
Developer Names
Players fight during a Formula 1 race at Crown Raceway, where eagle-eyed fans noticed the names above the garages for different drivers are the same as the game’s developers’. These include senior producer Steve Najera, environment artists Matt Evans and Carlos Cervantes, and environment art director Paul Interrante.
The mission Alone hides a small toy dog that’s a clear reference to Riley, a canine that appeared in "Call of Duty: Ghosts," which introduced a feature that allowed players to give commands to a trained dog companion. In "Modern Warfare 2," the toy Riley is tucked away on a shelf that is cluttered with books, papers, and boxes, easily obscuring the little pup.