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Small Details Only True Fans Noticed In Callisto Protocol
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for “The Callisto Protocol.”
Trailer Easter Egg
The first “Callisto Protocol” Easter egg was found in its first trailer in 2020 when fans noticed the text “IC was here ... JC was here too” scrawled onto a wall. This is a reference to the two protagonists of “Dead Space 3”: “IC” is the initials of series protagonist Isaac Clarke, and “JC” refers to the second playable character John Carver.
Bloody Graffiti
In the fourth chapter of “The Callisto Protocol,” players find themselves in a room containing a corpse with the phrase “shoot the tentacles” written in blood above it. This is an obvious nod to the iconic scene in the first “Dead Space,” where players encounter bloody graffiti reading “Cut off their Limbs” — which was a novel way to teach players how to effectively kill enemies.
“The Callisto Protocol” was originally supposed to be set in the “PUBG” universe, but in May 2022, the developers confirmed the games no longer had any obvious ties. However, this didn’t stop the team from putting in a reference to the popular battle royale game, as players can find the signature “PUBG” welder’s helmet on a table in the game.
Darth Maul
One of the most important characters in “The Callisto Protocol” is Cpt. Leon Ferris, voiced by Sam Witwer, who is best known for voicing Darth Maul in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” The game makes a nod to this, as Ferris’ in-game biography lists his birthplace as the city of Rimohtad, which is Darth Maul’s home planet Dathomir spelled backwards.
The Force
During the “The Callisto Protocol,” Ferris uses technology to fling the protagonist, Jacob, across the room — an ability reminiscent of the Force in “Star Wars.” The way Ferris moves his hands to use these telekinetic powers is reminiscent of the Sith, and may be a nod to Sam Witwer’s role as Darth Maul.