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Sonic Adventure Fans Just Got Some Bad News
Released in 1998 for Sega’s Dreamcast, “Sonic Adventure” featured the anthropomorphic blue hedgehog squaring off against Dr. Robotnik and became a critical hit, spawning an equally successful sequel in 2001. Since then, the “Sonic” subseries has been left on the backburner, much to the disappointment of a sizable fanbase who would be interested in a sequel.
In a recent interview with IGN, “Sonic” boss Takashi Iizuka expressed indecisiveness about the future of the franchise. “I haven't really thought about my next game yet, but I would hope all of the work we put into ‘Sonic Frontiers’ can be used to make another ‘Sonic Adventure’ game sometime," Iizuka said, exciting fans who might be craving a third “Sonic Adventure” game.
Unfortunately, Iizuka quickly walked this comment back during an interview at the 2022 Summer Games Fest. He explained that while there is the possibility of another “Sonic Adventure” title being released further down the line, it isn't in Sega's immediate plans. “It's all about ‘Frontiers’ [right now] and we have no plans for ‘Sonic Adventure 3’ at this point,” said Iizuka.