Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - May 2021. Playstation 5, the next generation gaming console from Sony
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During Sony's most recent investor presentation, the PlayStation maker estimated that the PlayStation 4 could stop seeing new title releases as soon as 2025. This could be frustrating news for PlayStation players that haven’t pulled the trigger on getting the PS5 due to scarcity issues or the exorbitant prices of the scalper market.
Sony included a graph that identifies how much content is releasing across the various gaming platforms Sony has a stake in (PC, mobile and Sony-made consoles), and while the PlayStation 4 can be seen dominating Sony's releases in 2019 — with about 90% of content released for Sony's former top-of-the-line console — it's completely AWOL in release estimates for FY2025. This day had to come eventually, as no gaming console will live forever.
Many publishers, game developers, and those involved in the industry will consider which consoles players are most likely to pick up a game on before deciding what platforms it gets released on. Whether the recent news is tied to the difference in power between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 remains to be seen, but considering the struggles players have had getting their hands on a PS5, the news is causing plenty of them grief.