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Sony’s PlayStation 1 Accomplished Something No Other Console Could Up Until Then
When it came to the competition between the Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation 1 in the ‘90s, the PlayStation 1 remained ahead due to its innovative Memory Card system and immersive 3D-enabled storytelling titles. While the PlayStation 1’s title as the best console of the ‘90s is hotly contested, no one can deny that it broke one of gaming’s biggest milestones.
In 2005, 11 years after its release in 1994, the PlayStation 1 became the first ever home console to break 100 million units sold. While it did take over a decade for it to happen, it is important to note that the Nintendo 64, the other famous and fondly-remembered console from the ‘90s, was only released two years after the PS1 but has only managed 32.93 million sales to date.
100 million is an impressive number even for modern consoles, despite how much the industry and market have grown since the ‘90s. The Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 sit at 17 and 25 million, respectively, with the Nintendo Switch being the only “current” console to have broken the PS1’s record at 114 million sales.