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Stray Is Even Cuter As A Game Boy Game
Gamers have been creating mods to keep the adorable “Stray” game engaging, fun, and fresh. One group rewound the clock and reimagined "Stray" in a bygone era of primitive, lo-fi graphics and simpler gameplay loops. These enthusiasts created a theoretical version of the game for the original Game Boy, and much like the PC and Sony-exclusive “Stray,” it's very cute.
On YouTube, 64 Bits is a collection of three animators specializing in "demakes,” which take modern games and show them as if they were retro titles for older platforms. 64 Bits redesigned "Stray" as a Game Boy game, in which the titular stray cat hops across pipes and runs through levels built as alleyways — and still has its adorable meow and signature backpack.
Because of the technology of the Game Boy era in the mid-90s, it was ambitious to recreate "Stray" for the platform while maintaining its adventure feel in a massive 3D space. 64 Bits was inspired by the Game Boy ports of "Prince of Persia" and "Oddworld Adventures" when creating the Game Boy version of "Stray," while also taking inspiration from "Alley Cat."