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Streamers Who Were Attacked Mid-Stream
This article includes stories that may be disturbing for some viewers. Reader discretion is heavily advised.
Content Warning
Silky White
Silky White's intense bout of family drama occurred while he was in queue for a "Valorant" game. A 5-minute clip shows the streamer’s drunk stepfather accusing him of doing inappropriate things in front of the camera and not having a real job, and the fight escalates further off-screen as Silky White launches himself toward his stepfather.
Blogger RickeyBot was mugged live on-stream while playing “Pokemon Go.” RickeyBot can be seen walking down a well-lit street at night trying to catch Pokemon when a person lurks behind him; the assailant punches an unsuspecting RickeyBot from behind, knocking him to the ground, and then runs off with the blogger’s three phones.
Dr. Disrespect
While Dr. Disrespect’s popularity was skyrocketing, his house was targeted by a mysterious attacker multiple times. During the first attack, which was not livestreamed, his Porsche sedan had its windows shot out by a BB gun, and the following day while he was livestreaming, his house had its upstairs window shot out in a drive-by incident.
In one of the most terrifying livestreamed home invasions, msbandiit and her family were robbed at gunpoint during a Twitch stream. The armed invaders burst into the room, bound msbandiit and her husband’s hands and feet, forced the couple’s kids to lie on the floor, and stole plasma TVs, laptops, electronics, and car keys — all of which were eventually recovered.
JayKirky had his house broken into while he was streaming "Resident Evil: Resistance." In the haunting clip, JayKirky responds to some loud banging he hears from his doorway, reportedly sees a man with a black ski mask holding a machete, and pleads with the home invader, who suddenly realizes he's not the person they were after.