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Switch Games You Should Never Play Around Your Parents
Sakura Swim Club
"Sakura Swim Club" focuses more on titillating art than gameplay. In the game, the main female characters of Mieko and Hiromi are shown swimming and wandering the school in a variety of racy outfits. Criticism toward the game included lack of characterization and spelling errors, furthering the sentiment that many game elements took a backseat to the titillation.
Bayonetta 1 and 2
The “Bayonetta” series leans into bawdy humor at every turn. Bayonetta will smack enemies' rears to torture them before their demise, constantly pose, whip, and strut her way through battle, and execute special moves and "Climax" attacks that make her clothing disappear completely. However, "Bayonetta 3" does have a family-friendly mode.
Heroes Series
"No More Heroes" has a potty mouth protagonist in Travis Touchdown, excessive gore, and over-the-top action. Travis kills assassins and aliens with decapitation and dismemberment, and the game features a twisted version of musical chairs where losers are vaporized by an alien laser beam. Travis also curses out his siblings and harasses female characters.
My Friend Pedro
"My Friend Pedro" is a blood-filled action shooter that follows a protagonist who goes after arms dealers and bounty hunters under the orders of a talking banana named Pedro. The main character can kick an object in the air, shoot it, and have bullets bounce off — it's chaotic when the screen is filled with bullets and blood aplenty.
Hotline Miami
In "Hotline Miami," the main character receives orders to kill underworld figures and must survive wild shootouts and fast-paced combat. Players bash the heads of oncoming enemies with crowbars, or shoot them at point blank range, and blood sprays in all directions, leaving splatter marks after every death. The gratuitous violence is extremely grotesque.