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Tails From Sonic Has the Most Depressing Back Story
Traumatic Nickname
Originally, designer Yasushi Yamaguchi, who created Tails, wanted to just call him Miles Prower, but the rest of Sonic Team, however, wanted a simpler name so they compromised with "Tails." In the British Sonic the Comic, however "Tails" was the name he got from bullies who picked on him for being a "twin-tailed freak."
Born in war
During a five-year conflict between mutated humans and anthropomorphic animals called the Great War, Robotnik rose to power as a human traitor who encouraged the big-eyed, fuzzy creatures to commit a full-on genocide. Tails was born on the day of Robotnik's takeover, therefore, he has never, not for one day in his life, known a world without endless conflict.
dead parents
The horrors of war didn't end with Dr. Robotnik's coup d'etat, and neither did their toll on Tails. One of the first casualties of the new reign was Tails' father, who was tossed into a roboticizer and turned into a cyborg at the moment of his son's birth. His mother suffered a similar, leaving Tails to be raised in an orphanage.
Rejected by birds
The comics are far from the only version of Tails tragic origin, in the seventh episode of the cartoon series “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog,” it's revealed that he attempted to live with a family of birds because he assumed he was one. The birds disagreed, however, physically throwing him out of their nest, sending him crashing down onto Sonic, who just happened to be passing by.
Drowned all alone
In the British “Sonic the Comic,” they did a "what if the bad guy won" story Tails finds himself transported to Sonic's dimension and plopped down in the swamp from which Sonic rescued him. The thing is, in true “It's a Wonderful Life” fashion, Sonic wasn't there to save him since he never existed, leaving Tails to drown in dirty swamp water without anyone ever knowing he was there.