Actors rehearse for new Dr Who Story - The Gunfighters - at a drill hall in Shepherds Bush London 20th April 1966. Pictured: Peter Purves who plays Steven Taylor, Sheena Marsh who plays Kate,& Jackie Lane who plays Dodo pictured during break, William Hartnell in background. (Photo by Eric Piper/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)
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The 6 Best And 6 Worst Doctor Who Video Games
Worst: Evacuation
"Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth" has you help humanity flee from Earth, as it features classic enemies such as the Daleks and Silurians. Most of the action focuses on solving logic puzzles and walking around chatting. Good Game was critical of “Evacuation” for taking little advantage of being based on "Doctor Who," and Metro deemed it a "Professor Layton" clone.
Best: Attack
"Dalek Attack" is set in the year 2254 and sees the Doctor take on one of his old foes, the Daleks. The game takes the form of a shoot 'em up like "Contra," with the Doctor blasting his enemies using his trusty Sonic Screwdriver. Reviews for the game were largely positive, and Amiga Reviews called it "an absolute must for all 'Doctor Who' fans."
Worst: Terror
In "Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror," you battle against the Master, a villain who has stolen a Time Lord device that gives him the power to edit events in a particular timeline. Every Game Going criticized the title, saying it was “disappointed by the poor graphics, minimal sound, jerky scrolling, lack of speed, [and abundance of] irrelevant waffle in the instruction book."
Best: Time
"Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time" is a virtual reality game in which you control a rookie companion who is tasked with collecting several crystals to help stop a virus infecting reality. Metro noted that "the graphics are really quite impressive, in both their variety and level of detail," and Den of Geek was impressed with how it makes you feel like an actual companion.
Worst: Worlds
"Doctor Who: Worlds in Time" has you complete six types of mini-game challenges, including lockpicking, repairing, and hacking, to advance the story and unlock more locations. The game was built in Adobe Flash, which restricts performance and 3D rendering, and Wired was also disappointed by the lack of appearances from the Doctor — a glaring omission.