Portrait of a Sony PlayStation 2 video game console photographed on a white background, taken on August 2, 2013. (Photo by Jesse Wild/Edge Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
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The 66 Best PS2 Games of All Time
By Zaaz Staff
66. God Hand
“God Hand” is an odd adventure that combines Japanese culture, wild west, pro wrestling, and a seriously fun combat system, in which Gene, a drifter, hides a secret power called the "God Hand," that brings him into conflict with demons — and insane action set pieces ensue. There's a learning curve, but "God Hand" rewards those who learn its ins and outs.
65. Alien Hominid
Released for the PS2 in November 2004, "Alien Hominid" follows a yellow alien creature attempting to retrieve its ship from a series of federal agents — and hilarious violence ensues. "Alien Hominid" plays like a typical side-scrolling action shooter, but its imaginative visuals and offbeat humor set it apart from anything that came before.
64. Gitaroo Man
In “Gitaroo Man,” you play as nerdy child U-1 after his talking dog Puma transforms and grants him access to a weapon of myth called the Last Gitaroo, and using this magical guitar, you must collect opponents' Giatroos to become the True Gitaroo.Taking place in a variety of wacky settings and stages, the gameplay has you attacking and defending in phases.
The arcade dancing game "DDRMAX" is chock full of early-2000s house and electronic music, and each song gets announced by the world's most over-the-top DJ, who will gleefully declare your success or failure with each track. The game boasts split-screen support, so you and your friends can have the dance-off of your lives.
62. Castlevania COD
In “Castlevania: Curse of Darkness,” you play as Hector, a Devil Forgemaster and former servant of Dracula, who finds himself pulled back into his old life when Isaac, another of Dracula's Devil Forgemasters, arranges the murder of his fiance. Although missing the atmosphere of its predecessor, it supplies enough solid gameplay.