Hogwarts student in Hogwarts Legacy
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The 7 Best And 7 Worst Things In Hogwarts Legacy
BEST: Character
The character creation system in “Hogwarts Legacy” offers a bevy of options for designing a character's appearance in the game. Dozens of hair styles can be mixed and matched with different colors, and skin tone and face shape can be intricately customized, giving players the exact character they want.
WORST: issues
“Hogwarts Legacy” has regular FPS drops, characters phasing in and out of existence, and models stuttering as they move, which ruins the immersion of the game. PC players also uncovered more bugs, like one that causes Steam to take a screenshot every time someone presses a button on their controller.
BEST: Classes
Getting situated in classes initiates a new set of mechanics or a new gameplay wrinkle for players to wrap their heads around. At the same time, each class advances the story further and introduces new characters for players to get to know, which really helps sell the role-playing aspect of the game.
WORST: Classes
Despite their initial excitement, classes quickly devolve into a series of mundane tasks that slowly eke out benefits to a player's character. Finding items and completing simple objectives to progress through every class isn't boring, but after some time, classes begin to feel like a chore — just like in real life!
BEST: Exploration
Hogwarts itself is fully realized, as the castle feels lived in with halls and classrooms filled with students, teachers, and ghosts going about their lives, or afterlives, and players can easily sink themselves into all the hubbub. Around every corner there's something new to be discovered, drawn from the books and movies.