A woman shows the title Mario Kart Tour on her smartphone during game center in Tokyo, Japan September 26, 2019. After over a year of waiting Mario Kart Tour is now finally available to download on iOS and Android, making this only the third Mario title on mobile.                (Photo by Hitoshi Yamada/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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The Alleged Mario Kart 64 Easter Egg That Occurs After 15 Minutes On The Results Screen
There's one secret in “Mario Kart 64” that many gamers likely missed when they played the hit title after the game's 1996 debut. In an episode of “Did You Know Gaming,” narrated by a YouTuber known as Furst, the video reveals a little Easter egg hidden in the result screen if the player remains idle for a specific amount of time.
Furst shares this is only a potential Easter egg and may actually be a developers’ mistake. “Waiting just over 15 minutes after finishing a race will cause a slightly altered version of the results theme to play,” Furst said. The new song then plays in the video, similar to the typical results theme, but it’s also offbeat and has a slightly synthesized sound.
One detail about the theme song change suggests that this was no mistake. According to Furst, this new version only kicks in after the regular results screen theme plays 64 times. What are the odds that it takes exactly 64 times for this “glitch” to appear in a game called “Mario Kart 64”?