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The Best and Worst Meta Quest 2 Games
Best: Tea for God
“Tea for God” takes place in a futuristic robot city, and its protagonist holds his society's God Emperor responsible for his family’s death and intends on traversing the God Emperor's labyrinthine complex to end her reign. The unique mechanics of "Tea for God" and its great gameplay led UploadVR to call it one of VR's "most thoughtfully designed games."
Worst: VR Karts
"VR Karts: Sprint" is billed as "a fun and approachable Virtual Reality racing game," but it doesn't quite live up to that promise. One Redditor called the game "absolute shovelware," and others agreed that it's "not worth the money," as the game lacks smooth controls or a true feeling of speed — the most important parts of a VR racing game.
Best: Walking Dead
“Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” is a Bethesda-esque RPG where players hack, slash, and shoot their way through the undead while making their way through the city. Quests are truly open-ended, giving players a freedom that isn't available in most VR games and leading IGN to call it "a noteworthy step forward in VR gaming."
Worst: Richie's
“Richie's Plank Experience” lets you "walk the plank" on a high rise skyscraper, which can be an incredibly disorienting experience in VR. However, after you've explored the Quest, there's almost no reason to return to this game, and gamers on Reddit compared it to a full-price demo rather than a fully realized VR experience.
Best: Echo VR
In “Echo VR,” matches take place in a zero-gravity environment, reminiscent of the battle room from Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel "Ender's Game," and players navigate the environment using rocket boosters while playing what amounts to four-vs-four frisbee football. "Echo" is a creative, competitive game and its gameplay is a perfect match with the Quest.