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The Best And Worst New Features In Sonic Frontiers
BEST: Open Zones
Instead of going for a real open world, "Sonic Frontiers" splits the larger game world into several sprawling levels. Running through open zones is exciting on its own but, since these areas are so large and expansive, players can also pick any direction and find a bevy of collectibles, puzzles, and powerful enemies.
WORST: Open Zones
Open worlds are also a common source of flaws in modern video game design, since studios often cram large, explorable levels into games without always ensuring they make sense — or that game engines can support them. “Sonic Frontiers” suffers from this problem, with many of the areas being bland with large amounts of obstacle pop-in that make traversal tedious.
BEST: Guardians
While "Sonic Frontiers" has requisite giant bosses that cap off each open zone, the most challenging fights come in the form of field bosses, otherwise known as Guardians. Each Guardian is a "Sonic" level or puzzle in its own right, in addition to a bona fide fight, which is a solid new direction for the series.
WORST: Combat
As players explore the open zones of "Sonic Frontiers," they will also fight numerous faceless enemies. Unfortunately, the combat system in “Frontiers” is basic to a fault, with pretty much every fight boiling down to spamming the same attacks and holding down the parry button, which allows players to immediately counter any attack coming their way.
BEST: Cyloop
The Cyloop skill is new to the world of "Sonic," and unlike legacy skills, which mostly involve Sonic curling into a ball, Cyloop consists of Sonic literally running circles around opponents. Cyloop allows Sonic to break through enemies' guards, but also serves as a versatile puzzle-solving tool, thereby remaining useful throughout the game.