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The Best Basilisk Loadout For Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0
Handguns can be just as deadly as anything else in “Modern Warfare 2” and “Warzone 2.0,” and the Basilisk stands out as one of the most powerful and intimidating options. For operators who want to try something new or just want to have a reliable sidearm, the right Basilisk build and loadout can be a great addition to one's arsenal.
An operator should add a Basilisk HT-7 trigger action and a 6.75" Corvus Cougar 500 barrel, which will improve ADS, movement, and sprint-to-fire speed and allow a player to get on target faster. While these will damage fire rate and recoil, this weapon is designed for taking out a foe in one or two shots, so quick firing isn't necessary.
Next, the Basilisk should get .500 Snakeshot ammo to increase its damage radius like a shotgun, making it ideal for close-quarters combat. For improved hip firing accuracy, players should add a Basilisk Grip laser, and depending if the weapon will be primary or a backup, should go with the Akimbo option in the rear grip category or the SO RO-99 grip, respectively.
For base perks, players should take Double Time and Tracker to get close to foes as quickly as possible, and for a bonus perk, Fast Hands to offset the weapon’s slow reloading. Finally, Birdseye will be great as an ultimate perk for the extra radar pings when the enemy calls for a UAV and for the directional markers it provides.
An operator should go with a molotov cocktail for lethal and a flash grenade for tactical — the former will be great for flushing out enemies while the latter will serve to blind foes, so the player can get in close to take them out. Lastly, players should take a munitions box for a field upgrade, as the Basilisk comes with very limited ammo.