The Jailer from the gulag in Warzone 2.0
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The Best Kastov-74U Loadout And Class Setup For Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2
In “Warzone 2.0” and “Modern Warfare 2,” assault rifles are popular for combat as they provide a good balance of range, power, and speed. The Kastov-74U stands out as a solid and unique option among this class of weapons and with the right loadout and class setup, players wielding the Kastov-74U will become deadly opponents.
Gamers should attach an Echoless-80 muzzle to silence the weapon for stealth, increase damage range, and improve accuracy; add a FSS OLE-V laser and a True-Tac rear grip to improve ADS and sprint to fire speed; and choose a solid optic that suits their taste. All of these attachments combined will turn the Kastov-74U into a great weapon at close range combat.
With the Kastov-74U fully upgraded, players should take the Double Time perk to increase crouched movement and extend Tactical Sprint time and then the Tracker perk to see enemy footprints. Players should then choose a Bird's Eye perk for periodic UAVs to stalk and rush enemies or a Ghost perk for stealth, which will help players hide from enemy UAVs.
Choosing a classic Frag Grenade for lethal equipment will cause great damage in enclosed spaces, and a Flashbang will be great for tactical equipment as it also works great in tight spaces. Finally, Dead Silence is great for those who want more stealth from the quiet running it allows, while those who want to avoid running out of ammo will carry a Munitions Box into battle.