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The Best Upcoming 2023 Nintendo Switch Game Releases Ranked
21. Syberia
Developed and published by Microïds, "Syberia: The World Before" is a fantastical adventure game that takes place in the fictional European countries of Osterthal and Taiga and charts the lives of two characters in different times. The game has been released on several other platforms, and its positive reviews make it something worth picking up on the Switch.
20. Rain Code
"Master Detective Archives: Rain Code" is an adventure murder mystery game from the creators of the Danganronpa franchise that sees players taking on the role of a rookie detective, Yuma, as he battles against the megacorporation that controls the city. Writer Kazutaka Kodaka was influenced by Tim Burton while developing it, so players can expect a distinct visual style.
19. Bomberman R 2
Arriving in time for the series' 40th anniversary, “Super Bomberman R 2” will include extensive online modes allowing players to take part in classic contests alongside a Castle Mode and battle royale variant. The game will also feature a custom stage creator and an extensive story mode that takes place across different planets.
18. Blanc
The result of a collaboration between Gearbox and Casus Ludi, “Blanc” will see players take control of a young wolf and deer after a snowstorm strands them away from their families. There's no on-screen text, so the story is told completely through the visuals, and the gameplay has been designed to be as simple as possible to make it accessible to users of all ages.
17. Eiyuden Chronicle
A successful Kickstarter campaign funded "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes," a JRPG with a heavy emphasis on strategy. Developed by many of the people responsible for the "Suikoden" series, it will feature more than 100 playable characters and follow the story of a young boy and girl who are caught up in a war as the Galdean Empire searches the land for a powerful artifact.