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The Best Upcoming 2023 PS5 Game Releases Ranked
21. Atomic Heart
Developed by Russian studio Mundfish, "Atomic Heart" is an indie first-person shooter that seemingly has the presentation of a AAA release reminiscent of the “Bioshock” series. What's known so far about "Atomic Heart" is that it follows a KGB agent in a technologically advanced version of the 1950s that's crawling with diverse robots.
20. Wolf Among Us 2
“The Wolf Among Us 2” is Telltale Games’ first title since being resurrected by LCG Entertainment. Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie has revealed some exciting details about the game, including its shift over to the Unreal Engine and the simultaneous development of the episodes, so there shouldn’t be major delays between chapters.
19. Cyberfunk
“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” is an extreme roller skating and graffiti adventure reminiscent of the cult classic “Jet Set Radio,” almost to the point of being an unofficial sequel. The game employs a similar cel-shaded style, but the real draw is the return of composer Hideki Naganuma, who also produced music for Team Reptile's previous effort, "Lethal League Blaze."
18. Stellar Blade
"Stellar Blade" looks like a mix between "Metal Gear Rising" and "Souls," as the protagonist Eve is suited in futuristic armor and wields a sword to fight off evil parasites. Players will be able to backstab, parry, and pull off some heavy combos — plus, third-person shooting can also briefly be seen in the trailer, so "Stellar Blade" pretty much has it all.
17. Alan Wake 2
The trailer for “Alan Wake 2,” tells players almost nothing, but it's dripping with atmosphere, alluding to an even more horror-centric sequel. Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake declared that "Alan Wake 2" will be "Remedy's first ever survival horror game," so fans of the genre will likely have their expectations exceeded.