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The Biggest Leaks In Gaming History
After years of waiting for “Grand Theft Auto 6,” fans got their first unofficial look at the game through a series of leaked internal gameplay footage. Everything from story missions to new mechanics were disclosed, as well as a reveal that the game was returning the franchise to Vice City — fans even got their first look at the game’s main characters.
The Last of Us 2
Months ahead of release, "The Last of Us Part 2" was spoiled for everyone, with leaked footage depicting the gruesome fate of one of the main characters, as well as other story bits and gameplay. Leaks happen, but this was a major blow to Naughty Dog, especially when the game's twists quickly divided the fanbase.
Capcom was the victim of a company-wide hack that compromised personal information for employees, game release schedules, and miscellaneous financial records. The leak revealed the launch date of "Resident Evil: Village," as well as other games that hadn't been formally announced, including "Resident Evil 4 Remake" and even "Street Fighter 6."
Elden Ring
FromSoftware’s “Elden Ring” was leaked multiple times before release, with a gameplay trailer being put online before any gameplay had been shown off. Right before release, "Elden Ring" gameplay was leaked in a closed network test, showing off character creation, player stats, and voice lines — which mainly made people even more excited for the game.
Super Smash Bros.
An early look at the Wii U and 3DS iterations of "Super Smash Bros." gave fans an unofficial look at the new arrivals "Duck Hunt" Dog, Bowser Jr., and Shulk. "Smash Bros. Ultimate" saw a whole slew of leaks — including hoaxes such as the inclusion of the Grinch — that prematurely revealed Incineroar, Ken from “Street Fighter,” and the DLC character Terry Bogart.