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The Creepiest Moments In The Callisto Protocol
First Encounter
From the first moment that players encounter a Grunt-level Biophage, it's obvious these things are no joke — not only is its immense strength and sheer aggression absolutely terrifying, but its gross, zombified look immediately makes players want to turn and run. After the first encounter, players might already be left breathless due to how vicious and determined the Grunts are.
Players first encounter Parasites when they see one attack and infect a guard, who quickly becomes something far from human. Every moment of the game that involves a Parasite is unnerving, especially when Dani gets infected and players witness the entire slimy process — or when Jacob himself has a Parasite worming itself down his throat.
A Foreboding Sign
As Jacob continues his journey through Black Iron looking for an escape route, he comes upon a room filled with the strung-up bodies of the prison’s guards. Perhaps even worse than all the guts and limbs scattered everywhere is the fact that one of them almost looks like they're still alive — a grim reminder that even the toughest humans stand no chance against the Biophage.
Surprise Parasites
Sudden surprises and jump scares abound in “The Callisto Protocol” — for instance, players may open a lootable container only for a Parasite to jump onto Jacob’s face. It's a consistently cruel twist of fate that turns possible fortune into total panic, meaning players can't even be excited about possibly finding supplies during their hunt.
Reminicist of the tentacle escape scenes in “Dead Space,” “The Callisto Protocol” has its own ensnaring enemy in the form of the Bloodworm — an organism that sits on the ground and spews a horrifying tentacle to snare Jacob. They are often in unexpected places, making their deafening squeals and abrupt attacks even more startling.