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The Creepiest Things We Found In Pokémon Violet And Scarlet
One of the wildest and creepiest sights in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" was found by @Ferraris26 on Twitter — while exploring the cold mountains of Paldea, the player turned around to see a glitched massive floating Delibird approaching. Although these cute red and white flying ice birds are native to the region, they are supposed to be only around 3 feet in size.
Twitter user @crudblood uploaded a clip of a seemingly innocuous cutscene with the Pokémon trainer Arven, but then a figure randomly phases into existence right in front of the camera for just a few frames. The figure turned out to be the Pokémon Ursaring, and the whole thing was caused by a glitch that happens when a second player sends out a Pokémon during the cutscene.
Toedscool is a Ground/Grass Pokémon that resembles Tentacruel, with the main difference being that Toedscool walks on land with its two tentacle-like limbs. The freaky thing about them is that they can run up to 30 mph, a fact that translates directly into the games as Toedscools can be seen quickly bounding across the landscape with their flailing legs.
NPCs are able to walk around as the player is engaged in battles, and this can sometimes produce terrifying results. Twitter user @EvernightStudio uploaded a video of a Dunsparce battling it out with an Ampharos, but during Dunsparce’s drill run ability, a small child saunters directly in front of the attack, giving the appearance that it got hit by the massive drill.