A selection of games and multimedia controllers, including a SteelSeries Nimbus, Nvidia Shield, Steam Controller, Xbox One Elite and a Sony PlayStation DualShock 4, taken on November 19, 2015. (Photo by Olly Curtis/Edge Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
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The Difference Between the Xbox Elite Series 2 and the Elite Series 2 Core Controllers
On the surface, the Elite Series 2 – Core controller is almost identical to its Elite Series 2 predecessor. Both have adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a wrap-around rubberized grip, shorter hair triggers, and similar looks, apart from the Core’s white faceplate as opposed to the Series 2’s matte black finish — but there is one big difference between the two in terms of accessories.
The Elite Series 2 controller comes with a tool to adjust thumbstick tension, four paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, a charging dock, and a standard directional pad for those who don't quite fancy the traditional Elite version. These customizable options will also be available to the Elite Series 2 – Core, but the controller doesn't ship with any of these accessories.
Both the Series 2 and Core are higher-end controllers, and when it comes down to the exact specs, the two seem comparable in terms of performance. With the Series 2 retailing at $179.99 USD and the Core coming in at $129.99, and the accessories pack retailing for nearly $60 on its own, the standard Series 2 controller might give players more bang for their buck.