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The Entire Story Of Dark Souls
By Robert Scarpinito and Gabran Gray
Age of Ancients
Long before your character first set foot in the “Dark Souls” universe, there was an age where only dragons existed and eternally watched over everything — the Age of Ancients. Then, a previously underground magical flame called the First Flame sparked to life and brought forth many things, including three lords: Gwyn, the Witch of Izalith, and Nito.
The End Of Dragons
With power gained from the First Flame and the secret to a dragon’s immortality that was obtained from Seath the Scaleless, the three lords went forth to begin their conquest against dragons. Gwyn had his lightning, Nito had his plagues, and the Witch of Izalith burned their homes, so the three lords took over the surface and claimed it as theirs.
Age Of Fire
The Age of Fire is considered to be the “golden era” where many things flourished and the three lords reigned supreme. In this era, each of the three lords and Seath the Scaleless focused on their passions: Gwyn built Anor Lando as close to the sun as he could, Nito spread the concept of death, the Witch of Izalith studied fire, and Seath sat comfortably as royalty.
Artorias & The Abyss
Atop the Abyss, in the city of Oolacile, sat a “darkness that resides in all of mankind,” and that darkness threatened to snuff out the First Flame. To protect the flame, Gwyn sent the trusted knight Artorias and his wolf, Sif, to deal with this darkness, but they found more challenges than anyone could have anticipated.
First Flame fades
The First Flame began to dwindle, causing a panic that drove two of the three lords to try drastic measures to try and save it. The Witch of Izalith tried and failed to recreate the first flame, which drove Gwyn to sacrifice himself to the First Flame, ending his life but becoming the first Lord of Cinder.