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The Greatest Horror Games of
All Time
Silent Hill 2
First released for the PS2 in 2001, "Silent Hill 2" brought a new era of horror games, emphasizing psychological terror over undead monsters and jump scares. "Silent Hill 2" stood apart from other games with its use of psycho-sexual motifs that brought the main character's hidden yearnings to life through twisted creatures and labyrinthine hellscapes.
Fatal Frame II
Tecmo's "Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly" explores the more frightening aspects of Japanese folklore as the twin protagonists travel through Minakami Village armed only with the Camera Obscura. The game delivers a harrowing story of loyalty and sacrifice, perfecting the original game's formula and creating a modern-day supernatural fairy tale.
"Amnesia: The Dark Descent" effectively uses the go-to memory loss cliche to drive the narrative in this period piece full of Lovecraftian influences, inhumane torture, and forbidden rituals. Players are tasked with the difficult feat of maintaining the protagonist's sanity from the madness-inducing monsters, and the scariest part of all is that you can’t fight back.
Resident Evil
While "Resident Evil" for the PlayStation hasn't quite stood the test of time, the 1996 classic had a considerable impact and introduced the term "survival horror" to the gaming world. Capcom remastered "Resident Evil" for the Gamecube, offering photorealistic graphics and a dark, haunting atmosphere, and fans often lovingly referred to it as “REmake.”
The Evil Within
"The Evil Within" combines the beastly abominations of "Resident Evil" with the surreal, gore-strewn settings found in "Silent Hill." The game offers a challenging experience for the more hardcore players, as it expects you to be familiar with the genre's survival strategies, like ammo conservation and running from foes when necessary.