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The GTA Game That Takes The Shortest Time To Beat
When it comes to modern 3D “Grand Theft Auto” games, they tend to be time-consuming endeavors, with the shortest of them, “GTA 3,” still taking 15 hours to beat the main story. However, there are a couple more games in the franchise that take an even shorter amount of time to beat.
When counting all of the console and PC titles that make up the core of the “Grand Theft Auto” series, “GTA 3” gets beaten out by its predecessor, “GTA 2.” Released in 1999, this was the last of the 2D entries and only takes about 12 hours to complete, but finishing all of the side content brings the total time over 20 hours.
If every standalone game in the “Grand Theft Auto” series is taken into account, the shortest is “GTA Advance,” the only title released for the Game Boy Advance and also the only one developed by a company other than Rockstar. The story only runs about seven hours, and a completionist run will barely take longer than finishing the story of “GTA 2.”