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The Hardest Bosses In Octopath Traveler 2
Thurston's steam engine obscures him from the battle and removes all of his weaknesses, so players have to attack the fog machine itself, which initially is only susceptible to physical attacks and then it becomes vulnerable to magic. Players only have a small window to attack Thurston before he will summon a new steam engine and become invulnerable again.
Players who choose the owl at the beginning of Ochette’s path will face Lajackal, whose Devour attack brings individual party members down to 1HP. Lajackal also has several full-party attacks that force players to stay on top of keeping their party healthy, which causes a lot of gamers to spend less of their focus on dealing damage.
The Dreadwolf will continuously summon War Wolves to fight on its behalf, protecting all but one of their pack leader's weaknesses, which means that players have to defeat them before damaging the Dreadwolf. It’s a delicate balancing act of maintaining party health, dealing out debuffs, and whittling down the War Wolves while saving big attacks for the Dreadwolf.
Easily the most difficult fight in the game is against Gadera, who is able to call upon more enemies to protect its weaknesses and has a vast arsenal of abilities at its disposal. Before the battle, players are encouraged to level up their characters, use all the nuts in their inventory, make sure their party has the best equipment, and pull out all the stops to optimize their team.