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The Heartbreaking Death Of Technoblade
On June 30, 2022, Technoblade’s father announced on the YouTuber’s channel the tragic news that the popular “Minecraft” content creator had passed away at the age of 23. Although Technoblade had been open with his fans about his battles with cancer, he had never revealed his identity, but according to his dad, he had hoped to do a “face reveal” for his final video.
Unfortunately, Technoblade’s illness prevented him from doing the video; however, with his father’s encouragement, the YouTuber composed one final message to his fans. In the post, over video of Technoblade’s gameplay, his dad read the letter, in which the content creator thanked everyone for their never-ending support, and shared photos of Technoblade himself.
After the news broke, Twitter became flooded with tributes and loving memories — Jacksepticeye was one of many to call the beloved YouTuber “An absolute legend.” Those hoping to honor Technoblade’s memory can visit his official merch store, where the YouTuber has included a message telling fans that a percentage of all sales will go towards the Sarcoma Foundation of America.