Solomon Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy
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The Hogwarts Legacy Side Quest That's Super Easy To Miss
From the Man Behind the Moons to the Ghost of Our Love, there are plenty of “Hogwarts Legacy” side missions that players won't want to miss. There are even some that won't pop up on the map until students stumble upon them — the most elusive of which is the side mission titled “Well, Well, Well,” which takes some hefty exploration to find.
For industrious players who want to unearth some treasure, they'll need to direct their character to the southeast of Aranshire, where they'll have to find some ruins nestled in the cliffs. Within the ruins themselves lies a well, known as the “Magic Well,” that actually calls out to the character and gives the student a map that guides the player to actual buried treasure.
The map leads the student to yet another set of cliffside ruins, but this time with a large tree in a courtyard of sorts. To get there, players should head southwest of Irondale, search the big crevasse in Feldcroft, locate the tree, and pull it up with Levioso, revealing a chest tangled in its roots that gives 400 Galleons and a special treasure-seeker's bicorne hat.