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The Last Of Us Remake May Be Closer Than You Think
By James Carr
Although it hasn’t even been confirmed by Sony that a remake of "The Last of Us” is in the works, that hasn’t stopped rumors from spreading. Some of these rumors have been mentioned by GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who says that he heard that the remake would release this holiday season.
According to the rumors, the remake project was started by a smaller team at Sony before Naughty Dog took over. While no information is known about the game, speculation is that it aims to combine the vastly improved gameplay from “The Last of Us 2” with the story and characters of “The Last of Us.”
During CES 2022, Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann stated that the studio has multiple projects in the works and that he can't wait to share them with people. Additionally, a Naughty Dog QA tester listed an unannounced remake project on their LinkedIn account, which many believe is a reference to a remake of “The Last of Us,” although only time will tell.