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The Longest Boss Fights Ever in Video Games
The “Final Fantasy” series has a notorious reputation for long, difficult boss battles, and the dragon Yiazmat from the 2006 single-player RPG “Final Fantasy XII” is no exception. Yiazmat has an enormous amount of hit points, devastating attacks, and certain spells that will let him recover his health, making the battle last hours for an average player.
The End
While there are ways to avoid having to hunt down The End in “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater,” nothing’s quite as satisfying as defeating him the old-fashion way. In this test of skill and endurance, players should expect to spend several hours avoiding detection while they track down this legendary sniper.
Boss Rush/Yami
“Ōkami” may be one of the most highly rated action-adventure games of all time, but it also has one of the most dreaded final boss sequences of all time: the “boss rush.” Players can expect to spend a few hours on the endgame battle as they must defeat all of the previous bosses in the game before confronting Yami in a multiple-phase fight.
Nyx Avatar
The second battle against the demon Nyx in the 2006 RPG “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3” offers several challenges that may take an hour or more to finish. Players must defeat Nyx Avatar’s 14 different phases before reaching her final form, which can reflect all attacks, deal heavy damage, and use a charm spell to recover her full health.
After retrieving a set of cursed weapons called the “Devil’s Arms” in the 2003 RPG “Tales of Symphonia,” players can take on the optional opponent, Abyssion. This boss battle can take an hour or more to complete as Abyssion uses many of your skills against you and can deal devastating damage with his own spells.