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The Mario Game That Takes The Shortest
To Beat
Despite their friendly design, “Super Mario” levels can be brutally tough, and it can take some time to finish the challenging ones. Luckily, some “Super Mario” games can take only a few hours to finish, even for non-completionists and first-timers; however, depending upon the player’s perspective, there are two contenders for the shortest “Mario” game to beat.
Most players can finish “Super Mario Land” in under an hour, but particularly skilled speedrunners who know how to break classic “Mario” games have learned how to beat “Super Mario World” in less than a minute. Whether one is looking for the fastest completion time or the shortest time only pros can manage, these two titles have fans of the franchise covered.
The first “Super Mario Bros.” had 32 levels in eight worlds, but “Super Mario Land” had only 12 total levels, split into four worlds. Each of the four worlds ends with a boss, but even with this considered, there's half the number of worlds and far less than half the total number of levels. Ultimately, the shortest “Mario” game is realistically “Super Mario Land.”