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The Most Awkward Kisses In Video Games
Sonic And Elise
In the infamous “Sonic ‘06” cutscene, Princess Elise leans over Sonic's body, pleading that he come back to life. The scene's awkwardness comes in part from the idea of a hedgehog kissing a human, but the confusing emotion is heightened by the entire cast of the game standing in the background silently.
All Kisses In Chulip
“Chulip” is a Japanese game about kissing, however, the type of people the protagonist kisses makes the game a little awkward. The kisses are used to strengthen the boy's heart so he can ultimately win his love interest, a young girl in town — but to achieve his goal, the young protagonist needs to kiss a lot of people, and most of them are very strange.
Cassidy And Sean
Cassidy and Sean’s incredibly awkward love scene in “Life is Strange 2” has little to do with bad plot design or bad graphics. Instead, the awkwardness comes from their inexperience as teenagers, and their scene is sweet, relatable, and cringey, all at once.
Every Kiss In Bully
In Rockstar’s classic “Bully,” the titular bully can choose to flirt with and kiss different girls and boys in order to receive a health bonus. The kisses itself aren't gross because they happen, but because of how they happen: The player character in Bully publicly gropes the people he kisses, all while high-mixed make-out sounds play in the background.
Frog's Wedding Kiss
“Chrono Trigger” has thirteen unique endings — but one of them features a wedding, complete with kiss, between a frog and human. Players get to see the wedding between Frog and Queen Leene, including the sloppy, fly-eating kiss that in other parts of the game might be mistaken as a combat move.