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The Most Bizarre Streamer Death Hoaxes of All Time
Hanna is a frequent target of harassment online, but in May 2021, some Twitter trolls took to a new level of depravity by trying to convince the world Hanna had died. The hashtag #RIPGabbieHanna shocked Hanna's fans and haters alike. Hanna's fans were quick to point out how distasteful the joke was, but when Hanna refused to fan the flames, the internet quickly moved on to the next controversy.
prank gone wrong
On January 9, 2022, twin brothers Lucas and Marcus Dobre uploaded a video titled "MY TWIN BROTHER IS DEAD?" The video, which turned out to be a prank, accumulated nearly 3 million views in just over a month. The fans, to put things lightly, didn't enjoy the prank which ended up costing the duo some of their fan base.
Accidental hoax
Influencer Nikita Dragun accidentally kicked off death rumors and inspired a wave of internet backlash when she posted a video titled "RIP Nikita Dragun" to her YouTube channel on October 8, 2021. Considering the fact that the description goes on to encourage viewers to shop at Shoe Dazzle, it should have been fairly obvious that Dragun hadn't died. Still, the internet did what it always does, and rumors spread.
faked his own death
Back in 2015, popular YouTuber Sketcheck announced to his fans that he had a terminal illness and wouldn't be able to continue playing or making videos. His channel went dark and fans were heartbroken until Sketcheck returned to YouTube in 2019 to admit that he'd faked his illness and death.
hoax for followers
ImJayStation posted a video claiming that his girlfriend Alexia Marano had been killed by a drunk driver, but eventually admitted it was a hoax in a tearful video. He admitted that he and Marano had created the lie to boost subscriber numbers, Marano claimed she only helped because she was afraid of him. In the wake of the controversy, YouTube demonetized and deleted ImJayStation's channels.