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The Most Controversial Skins in Gaming
Sigma’s Asylum skin
Fans of “Overwatch” weren’t thrilled with Blizzard’s way of writing a mentally ill character, as they felt Sigma reflected many negative stereotypes. Most egregious was the so-called “Asylum” skin that further advances the harmful stereotypes of the mentally ill and the health facilities where they go to seek help.
Sewn Chaos
Riot Games has a pretty good track record of producing good skins for its “League of Legends” champions, but fans felt the studio poorly made the two “Sewn Chaos” skins for Amumu and Blitzcrank. On top of that, players were upset that these champs were getting more skins while Riot Games ignored others.
Christie in leather
“Dead or Alive” games aren’t known for their modest depiction of female fighters, but the leather leotard of the white-haired assassin, Christie, is outright ridiculous. It barely covers her most sensual parts, and this dominatrix-esque outfit is only accentuated by its accompanying fishnets and thigh-high boots.
SSB alts
Not all controversies surrounding skins are due to significant changes, like in the “Super Smash Bros.” franchise. Many of the alternative skins in the series feature tiny, unnoticeable alterations to a character, defeating their purpose of distinguishing multiples of a single fighter and preventing confusion for the players.
The “League of Legends” skin known as Lollipoppy reimagined the adorable little Poppy and was supposed to be a charming reference to Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas. Instead, the skin became a joke with the Lollipoppy splash art having a weird, creepily smiling Poppy who looked like she was about to slip into a diabetic coma.