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The Most Disturbing Pokédex Entries In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet
The second evolution of the Nacli line, Naclstack, has learned how to weaponize the salt that each member of the line is made out of. According to the “Pokémon Scarlet” Pokédex, Naclstack “dry cures its prey by spraying salt over them,” an eerie fact that gets even worse when considering that it never states whether Naclstack’s prey is dead or alive.
Wattrel, a bird Pokémon that generates countless watts of electricity, has a Pokédex entry in “Pokémon Scarlet” that states it “dives into the ocean, catching prey by electrocuting them.” Given Wattrel's electrical capacity, its Pokédex entry implies that each time a Wattrel dives into the water, it turns any nearby Water-types into fish fry.
Gothorita and its evolution, Gothitelle, both have disturbing Pokédex entries, with Gothorita’s “Scarlet” entry stating it can “hypnotize children to put them to sleep before carrying them away.” Gothitelle’s “Violet” entry says that they have “seen the end of all existence,” and in their “Scarlet” entry, it’s revealed that they sometimes share the “ethereal and beautiful” visions.
Sinistea and its evolution, Polteageist, are sentient cups and kettles of tea, and like any self-respecting Ghost-type, they specialize in killing unsuspecting victims. Sinistea's “Scarlet” Pokédex entry plainly states that once ingested, they parasitize whoever drank them — and according to “Pokémon Scarlet,” “drinking too much [Polteageist] can be fatal.”
While Tinkatink forge hammers out of scrap metal, its evolution, Tinkatuff, hunts Pawniard and Bisharp and uses their metal to craft hammers — in other words, the hammers are made of their body parts. The final evolution in the Tinkatink line, Tinkaton, has a Pokédex entry in “Scarlet” that explains that they like to knock Corviknight out of the sky by launching rocks at them.