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The Most Frustrating Boss In The Devil May Cry Series
The “Devil May Cry” series is known for its memorable characters and over-the-top action, and some of the best action these games have to offer is experienced during boss fights. However, not all “Devil May Cry” bosses are equally fun to battle, and one iconic boss, in particular, stands out as the most frustrating.
Although players fight Dante’s twin brother Vergil in multiple games, gamers often point to his “Devil May Cry 3” appearance as the hardest. Specifically, players have a tough time in the second encounter with the half-demon, which arrives well after he bests Dante the first time and stabs a sword straight into the protagonist’s chest.
When the brothers meet again in Mission 13 of the game, Virgil shows off his new weapon, Beowulf, a pair of greaves and gauntlets that allow Vergil to take to the sky and pull off a swift dive kick. Additionally, Vergil utilizes his Devil Trigger transformation in this fight, making him faster and more powerful for a short period, during which players have no option but to wait.