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The Most Frustrating Boss In The Metroid Series
From the original "Metroid" in 1986 all the way up to modern titles like 2021's "Metroid Dread," the franchise has featured more than its fair share of nail-biting boss fights. Still, for the many heavyweights that challenge Samus on each and every mission, one particular boss stands out among the rest in terms of the sheer frustration it can induce.
Mother Brain in "Metroid" and its remake "Metroid: Zero Mission" is a terrifying boss that forgoes the consistent attack patterns of most other “Metroid” bosses. Even the corridor before the fight is filled with an unending barrage of turret bullets and SpaghettiO-esque death rings that can knock players into the lava below if they’re hit.
Mother Brain herself isn't even all that mechanically unique, as players simply have to break open her glass container and shoot her eye. The problem is that this must be done while three different types of projectiles are coming at the player from all different directions, and “Zero Mission" goes even further by giving the player just two miniscule platforms to stand on.