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The Most Frustrating Final Boss In The Street Fighter Series
Players are matched up with increasingly difficult foes during a “Street Fighter” story campaign, and once players make it to the end of the narrative, they are faced with a fearsome final boss. These final bosses can cheat by pulling off moves most players can’t do, and one infamous boss in the “Street Fighter” series is so hard that many gamers don't even dare attempt to beat him.
The final boss of “Street Fighter 3” is the secret society leader Gill, a genetically enhanced man with powerful Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis abilities who throws out fast-moving projectiles that players must dodge to avoid taking massive damage. Gill has great punches and kicks, due to his insanely long legs and arms, and he can dash on top of the player incredibly fast.
Gill also has all of the benefits of being a CPU, which allow him to read the player's button inputs and counter accordingly, so players must be patient and capitalize on his narrow windows of vulnerability. If a player does somehow manage to deplete Gill's HP to zero, he frustratingly doesn't die, as Gill's Super Art, if charged, regenerates all of his HP when he gets KO'd.