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The Most Incredible World Records In Grand Theft Auto 5
Many who have finished the "Grand Theft Auto 5" campaign, done all the side missions, and explored every square mile of Los Santos have taken things a step further. Some of them have come up with unique and creative ways to play the game, and other gamers have gone on to set some pretty incredible world records.
Beating the game as fast as possible is one of the most popular modes of competition, and the most impressive speedrun record is currently held by Belgian gamer Rayer, who beat the game on any % and achieved the Deathwish ending, AKA The Third Way. They did this in just 5 hours, 25 minutes, and 32 seconds, shattering the previous record by over six minutes.
Streamer and YouTuber DarkViperAU spent three years attempting to perform a pacifist run through "GTA 5." His strategies often included hunkering down to let allies finish off enemies or going to extreme lengths to keep them alive, but in the end the game still required him to kill a whopping 96 people in order to progress.
YouTuber Nought decided to press the limits of what he would be able to do using mods in the game, posting a video titled "I Broke 15 World Records in 'GTA 5'" on his channel where he went through several challenges one by one. His 15 records include the furthest game of fetch with Chop, the most flips in a jump, the highest basketball shot, and the biggest explosion.