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The One Octopath Traveler Character That Players Can't Stand
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
"Octopath Traveler."
A unique aspect of “Octopath Traveler” that has received a lot of attention is its unconventional story structure that follows eight characters with highly different personalities, strengths, and motivations. Some characters' stories just didn't hit the right notes with most players, and one, in particular, stood out as a consistently disliked character across the fan community.
While players were fond of Tressa’s upbeat personality, one sentiment echoed across the fanbase was that her story was pretty lackluster. Many complained that Tressa's motivations were too personal and low-stakes to shine, as a young merchant finding her way to fame and fortune just felt “boring” to many who were there to experience the fantasy of a neo-retro JRPG.
Even those who were fond of her story agreed that Chapter 4, the conclusion to her saga, was flawed and underwhelming, leaving her biggest fans feeling somewhat put out. However, her greatest detractors had little to say about Tressa herself as a bad character, which is, perhaps, a testament to the variety and depth of every character in the game.