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The Only 2 Near-Perfect PS4 Games, According to Metacritic
Metacritic, a website that uses dozens of critic and user reviews to aggregate average scores, provides one of the simplest methods for measuring game quality. The PS4 has many games that rank highly on the site, but two releases are tied for the best PS4 game with near-perfect scores of 97 — and both titles were developed by the same studio: Rockstar Games.
"Grand Theft Auto 5" has 66 critic reviews on Metacritic, and exactly half of them gave "GTA 5" a perfect score of 100, while the others range entirely in the 90s. Most praised the game for its story, characters, and mechanics, with the primary complaint being that the PS4 edition didn't have enough innovation over the PS3 edition to warrant buying the entry a second time.
“Red Dead Redemption 2” has 99 critic reviews, and similar to the results from "GTA 5," just over half of them gave the title perfect scores of 100 while all but a few of the rest are in the 90s. The biggest complaints are about the pacing of the story, but “RDR2” edges out “GTA 5” in the user reviews, scoring an average 8.6 out of 10 compared to 8.3 for “GTA 5.”
There's no denying that Rockstar is an impressive developer, but managing to create both of the highest rated games on the PS4 is quite a feat. What might be even more impressive is the way that both of these games managed to remain relevant for years after their launch, thanks to their massive open worlds and expansive online modes.