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The Only Four Characters To Appear In Every Tekken Game
At least one member of the troubled Mishima bloodline has been featured in the cover art and marketing of every "Tekken" game to date. "Tekken 8" is no exception as Kazuya Mishima took centerstage in the game’s announcement trailer; however, only four characters have managed to make a full appearance in every "Tekken" game — and they’re not all Mishimas.
Despite the Mishimas monopolizing the starring role in the franchise since its inception, not every single member of the heavily featured family has managed to maintain a consistent presence on the "Tekken" roster. Of the three central Mishimas, only Heihachi has landed a slot in every game since the release of the first “Tekken” in 1994.
In addition to Heihachi, Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, and Yoshimitsu are the only ones to have made a full appearance in the roster and plot of every "Tekken" title. Most of these four characters have found major roles outside of the franchise as well — for instance, Nina Williams remains the only "Tekken" character to receive a solo spinoff.