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The Only Two Characters To Appear In Every Street Fighter Game
The “Street Fighter” series has liberally expanded its roster over the years through tons of spin-offs, crossover appearances in other fighting games, and the mainline series. While the series has no shortage of highly recognizable fighters, even longtime fans might be surprised to learn that there are only two characters who have appeared in every “Street Fighter” game.
Ken and Ryu have been at the heart of the “Street Fighter” series since its inception, and they remain pivotal figures in the franchise to this day. For his part, Ryu is inarguably the poster boy of the series and appears on almost all cover art in the franchise, including crossover titles like “Marvel vs. Capcom.”
As the only two playable characters in the original “Street Fighter” game from 1987, Ken and Ryu are the only fighters to make an appearance in every single entry in the series. Though other well-known characters like Sagat and Birdie appeared as bosses in the original game, they have missed out on joining the roster of at least one game each since.