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The Open World Video Game That Takes The Longest to Beat
By ERIK PETROVICH is a public database of community-submitted completion times for a huge variety of games, with a "Completionist" category dedicated to the time it requires to complete 100% of the game. The open world game that takes the longest to beat in the "Completionist" category is a familiar one for classic RPG fans — in fact, it's a title that has held the top spot for two decades.
It’s impossible to discuss the length of open world games without first mentioning MMOs, because although they are technically open world, the amount of variance in what is considered 100% can fluctuate wildly. Defeating a final raid boss, reaching max level, getting every achievement — these are all things that take very different amounts of time, making MMOs difficult to rank.
According to, the now 20-year-old "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" still reigns as the longest open world game of all time at about 330 hours for full completion. The game broke new ground in the industry with its sheer amount of content, and although beating the main storyline can take a mere 44 hours, getting that 100% is a months-long journey.