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The Rarest Back Bling In Fortnite
Since “Fortnite” first debuted its battle royale mode in 2017, numerous back blings have been added to the game by way of the Item Shop, the Battle Pass for each season, and free event distributions. Some back blings are relatively common, while others are significantly rarer — but there’s one in particular that could arguably be considered the most elusive of them all.
The rarest of the rare is the Penguin back bling, a cute little animal cosmetic based on Tencent’s QQ instant message service mascot. The bling debuted in 2018 as a promotional item during the launch of the game’s Chinese version, and it required players to make a QQ account, amass 24 hours of playtime, and refer a friend, who then also has to play 10 hours.
Unfortunately, the efforts of those who completed this extensive process would eventually prove to be completely for naught. The Chinese version shut down in late 2021, meaning that there are no longer any players in the entire world with a legally obtained Penguin back bling.