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The Rarest Badge In Apex Legends
In “Apex Legends,” badges are unlockable cosmetics players earn by completing challenges. Badge categories include Event Badges, Content Pack Badges, Arena Badges, Club Badges, Ranked Badges, Legend Badges, Account Badges, and Support Badges. The harder a badge is to get, the more impressive it is on a player’s banner, and one specific badge is the rarest.
The absolute rarest badge in “Apex Legends” is the You're Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator badge. There are six ranks in “Apex Legends,” which include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally, Apex Predator. This last rank is the most difficult to reach and contains the smallest pool of players.
The You're Tiering Me Apart Apex Predator badge can only be obtained by those who have worked their way up in the Ranked game mode until they’re among the top 750 players. Players can't get lucky in a good round and they can't rely on being carried by a good team. The only way to obtain this badge is to be one of the 750 best “Apex Legends” players in the world.