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The Rarest Music Pack In Fortnite
Music packs have become one of the biggest sources of collectible cosmetics in “Fortnite,” serving as a fun but nonessential way for players to further customize their “Fortnite” experience. There are over 160 music tracks that have been made available in-game, and as is the case with any of the battle royale’s obtainable cosmetics, some are far rarer than others.
While there are plenty of rare music packs from across the game’s lengthy history, arguably the rarest one as it stands today is the “OG (Remix)” music pack from the Season 6 Battle Pass. Per its name, this chilled-out tune remixes the original pre-February 2018 lobby music from the early days of the game’s battle royale mode.
The Season 6 Battle Pass introduced music packs, making this song tied with several other tracks for the oldest music pack in the entire game, and as with any Battle Pass cosmetic, it has never shown up in the store since. Additionally, “OG (Remix)” was unlocked at level 92 on the Battle Pass, which means players had to nearly complete the pass to obtain it.