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The Rarest Pickaxe In Fortnite
Using a rare pickaxe is a great way for players to flaunt their expertise in “Fortnite,” especially when it’s something like the lucha libre-inspired Piledriver, which, as of 2023, hasn’t been in the shop since 2018. However, there’s one pickaxe that has dethroned the Piledriver as the rarest pickaxe in the game.
The rarest of all pickaxes in “Fortnite” is the Axe of Champions from the “Fortnite” Championship Series. Not only is this pickaxe available exclusively to those who win the “Fortnite” Championship Series, but it’s limited to active champions only — so the champions must part ways with it if someone else takes the crown.
On top of its sheer intimidation value, the Axe of Champions boasts an equally authoritative design. Featuring the FNCS logo in place of where the axe blade would usually be, the rare pickaxe makes the design shimmer in all gold, and the handle matches the shade in striking simplicity, letting the logo draw all of the attention.